So, you might be wondering why the first Skookum Dog stuffed toy is a bat. Basically: bats are rad. They're the only mammals capable of true flight; in the winter, they either hibernate or go into torpor (regulated hypothermia); and they use echolocation to get around in the dark. Plus, bats are incredibly diverse: a quarter of all mammal species are bat species.

    Soft, fluffy Made in U.S.A. fake bat fur. Synthetic felt ears. One squeaker inside.

    Worth noting: if your dog is a destroyer of stuffed animals, the Bat might not be the best choice for him. It's about as durable as any other stuffed toy. (We're working on more durable/chew-proof toys - stay tuned.) If your dog, like ours, is pretty gentle on stuffed toys, you should be good. After four months of steady attention, our office Bat is missing part of an ear but that's about it.


    Plush, made-in-U.S.A. fake bat fur; polyester filling; synthetic felt ears
    See care/washing instructions here


    Made strong in the USA.


    8" x 16" x 1-1/2"



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